Wakeful Sleeplessness (Rev.) 10.12.2008 Poem by Margaret Alice

Wakeful Sleeplessness (Rev.) 10.12.2008

Oh marvelous,
another opportunity for spiritual growth,
tried stewing beef, a new cut of meat,
tasted so good we finished it all, I should
have known anything as great would extort
the price I’m paying, can’t close my eyes,
can’t fall asleep, can’t breathe,

Just what I need, periods of unlimited reflection,
I’ll be a wreck tomorrow, surviving in my chair,
suffering fatigue – just when I make peace with
being who I am, with the meaning of life, along
comes the allergy, out goes being human;
changes me into a minion of hell;

I must have been an outcast before life begun,
suffering follows me wherever I go, is it fair? –
don’t think so; the bubble I dream is gone – I had
been creating it tonight, gone with my thoughts
on rewriting life, only thing left is a
lonely little insomniac me

Forced into an unwilling vigil, I will not accept
the constraints of reality, I’ll keep my eyes on
dreams to transcend the limits of chemistry I
am indentured to, I shall keep following a star
only I can see;
my beloved said jokingly the only way he can
appreciate a love letter every day is in the company
of a twenty rand note, so I had better start writing
a note of love - and find twenty rand to see his
reaction tomorrow morning - at least this idea
makes wakeful sleeplessness more interesting…

Margaret Alice

Margaret Alice

Pretoria - South Africa
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