Javi Lopez

Walt For You - Poem by Javi Lopez

I'll just go
Leave you be
Won't hear me coming
Won't catch sight of me

If thats what you want
Then I'll go along
Won't say anything more
Because I'm wrong

Or maybe you are
But you'll never admit it
I won't care to say so
And just this dimwitted

Downtrodden and another
No sense in happiness
I love you too
But youre not having it

You're about a second from the bucket
Through only fault of your own
So that you may learn a lesson
That you can always call me on the phone

When you're troubled or otherwise
But it matters not
Problematic situation
Tomorrow I'll say I forgot

It's nothing to me
But I care for you
All you do is push away
And misconstrue

Messing around with your life
Cutting urself with an already bloody knife
so that you can feel relief
Instead of resolving with me

I try to bring you up
You only bring us down
But we'll all be okay
Once the world is more sound

But we can do it if we try
We can life and not die
So I may hold you again
And our fun would never end

But you don't know what youre doing
You're like me a lost soul
Filled with hopes and dreams
But not being able to reach any goals

You and me can make it
Just take my hand
Fill the spaces right between
We'll fly off to neverland

And never again
Deal with the worlds problems
Live each others desires
Our connection stay solemn

Our bond never broken
Our paths intertwined
Our thoughts shared
And never undermined

I don't care if we argue
May it all be damned
As long as I have
Ur hand in my hand

As long as i can still
Come and give you a hug
Tell you I love you
Take my only drug

Maybe someday we'll be together again
Maybe find the best in each other
Have a life and get married
Be eternal lovers

But who knows what you want
I wish I knew
My angel I kno you are
I kno it's you

Gone from me now
But we'll meet once more
Share an intimate moment
Let our hearts soar

And we won't need anything else
The world couldnt stop us
But for now I'll just wait
Wait for you

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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