Javi Lopez

Let You Go - Poem by Javi Lopez

 I could never love someone
As much as I love you
The great times we had
The way you cheered me up when I was sad
You always made me happy
No matter how badly I felt
What you have shown me
I couldn't get from anyone else
You showed me the feeling
To love someone and be loved back
To share romance and things like that
You're beauty captivated me
Because you had it set
Both inside and out
You try to hide
All the time
Don't hide yourself
Either way you were still beautiful
You had great qualites
And it just got me even more
Your creativity, Personality
Caring and Embrasiveness
It seems to me there was that and so much more
You showed me what it's like
To have a romance that was amazing
We were on fire we were ablazing
With love and passion
My eyes filled with delight
Becuase I was with you
That made my day and night
We have so much in common
We are so great for each other
But I can't be with you now
Because your with my brother
I can't hurt him
But that's what we're doing
I'm cheating with you and it's killing him
You were my unoffical love but your his real one
I can't let him suffer
While I steal his chance
To have someone as great as you
As his love and romance intrest
I'll never stop loving you
But we have to stop being this way
I can't control how my love for you is strong
Which is why I can not trying to be with you
But I can't romance
My brothers lover
It'll hurt me for a while
But for now i'll find another
I can't steal you away
I can't break his heart
I can't romance you
I can't tear him apart
I wouldn't do that to someone
Who's dear to me like he is
So I'll lay off and not interfere
I know one day that you will split
But I won't be the cause of it
But for now I'll let him have his time
To be with someone who's just great
I'll wait until you become untaken
So our love won't be forsaken
And we may start the romance
That we so greatly desired
But until that day we will remain friends
We stop playing romance and just do other things
I'll hug you still, ill continue to talk
I'll listen to you and I'll still be around you
But we have to let it die for now until I can revive it again
Trust me this is hard for me to comprehend
But it's the right thing to do
For my dear brothers sake
For our own and the risks we take
But ill soon be with you my love
And we won't stop romancing
We won't stop being this way
But we will be together some day
They say if you love something
Let it go
If it comes back to you
It is yours
I have to let you go
I never wanted that to have to happen
But I can't let this cheating persist
So we will lay off being unofficial lovers
Until you and my brother finish your time
Then when you're done
You'll be mine I hope
I love you with all my heart
Even tho slowly it will tear apart
But I need to accept this inevidable truth
I will wait for you until we can be together
I will wait for you so we can be forever

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, June 19, 2011

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