Walter And His Dog Poem by Eliza Lee Follen

Walter And His Dog

There was a little boy,
And he had a piece of bread,
And he put his little cap
On his head, head, head.

Upon his hobby horse
Then he went to take a ride,
With his pretty Spaniel Flash
By his side, side, side.

Little Walter was his name,
And he said to little Flash,
'Let us gallop round the house,
With a dash, dash, dash.'

So he laid down his bread
In a snug little place,
And away Walter went
For a race, race, race.

But Flash had a plan,
In his little roguish head,
Of taking to himself
Walter's bread, bread, bread.

So he watched for a moment
When Walter did not look,
And the nice piece of bread
Slyly took, took, took.

When Walter saw the rogue,
He cried, 'O, naughty Flash;'
And he showed his little whip
With a lash, lash, lash.

But Flash looked so good-natured,
With his tail curled up behind,
That his aunty said to Walter,
'Never mind, mind, mind.'

'Flash is nothing but a puppy;
So, Walter, do not worry;
If he knew that he'd done wrong,
He'd be sorry, sorry, sorry;'

'And don't be angry, Walter,
That Flash has had a treat;
Here's another piece of bread
You may eat, eat, eat.'

So Walter ate his bread,
And then to Flash he cried,
'Come, you saucy little dog,
Let us ride, ride, ride.'

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