Warrior In The Mind Poem by Dmitry Wild

Warrior In The Mind


Why did I put a dent in my heart
Why do I always blurt dirt out
And hang my emotion on your wall
My heart has been a kitten
Hiding under the sink
I want to free it from the net
Of doubts and concerns that
Don’t amount to a piece of dust
In the garden of the gods
I don’t judge or insult myself
I am here in a perfect place
I am here as a result of love
I don’t want to let things bode
I want to have a strong heart
The one that has the iron doors
And softness of the air and
weightlessness of a dove
I want to keep it away from the
Ambush of the mind
My mind has been such a force
To reckon with
It’ strong and it works on
It’s shape and form
It sets up the traps
Where heart is caught like a
Free roaming bird
And tingles and beats it’s wings
Against the walls
Oh let me out
Let me free
But mind is a warrior of raw blood
It has been among the best
Of fighting lads
It was on the ship headed for Troy
it was among the Alexander’s beast,
Legion Of Macedonians horsemen
Sacking the cities, plunging for gold
with a sword of victory and maddened joy.
But heart has been among the apostles of the young Jesus,
Teaching on the hilltop his way of
healing wounds with universal love.
What am I to do?
When I am an disciple in the heart
and a Warrior in the mind!

James Mclain 07 July 2009

The mind is the wandering warrior..it roams the word..dent the smile she hides from view..her heart your ring small token..iip

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