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She is he,
and he is She.
The two,
now lost, loves heart.

A stream flowing through the old oak tree is still alive.
The heart of the forest (wood which has lived to long it is, unexpected obstacle, this living log
and complicated cover which I lowered)

i must hide it) lost in it(s mind..
and try not to offend those..
whom are so much... more smarter..
and so very deep..as I sleep...

You ask me what am I thinking when I look inside you
and you see me looking through you, as if I thought.

And how in the beginning, it was a point of issue in

From the center of my heart, your many lost songs.
From the heart of one single tear.
I am lost like you both apart, one is beating.
Gone from our gentle childhood.

i want too die a simple death;
still i can not but tell..
battle field or hospital...
and when again i look..

Wherever you are..
It is..there..
and now you're afraid..
It is..tired...

A little eye not made by man.
All woman seem to have.
Available to none our honey bees.
Clinging to my window butterflies.

A spell, a well soaked rag
sits well and nearly out of reach unless.
A spell is when it's open dirty, but is closed.
Oil soaked around the bend the elbow is.

Huddled poor the masses, did you say, not I.
Whirlpools hide the dragon and it's eye.
Needles would I thread upon one point.
Before the Gavel falls, I'd hear your allocution.

Lost Girl and Now in the woods,
and that which you hug is the tree.
You can not stretch them, Full around it,
while upward and down ward amazed.


Like a bird to see her sitting, roses are
of passions dream, in sight her flight.
Butterfly's know her grace, touches many
all, weeping softly, others without, it is sadly.

is it wicked of me if i;
buy a peach and it's too soft and ripe.
what if after words it does what you thought
it would do and then it well, just might.

Hollow hand led shallow world your
grave you dug for me.
To keep in sleep.
When deep within your hole I live,


Alone; from that fountain, Since spring now sprung;
My childhood birthed, back into passions room.
As others have, all gone over and into again
and I must now pass again alone, and afraid.

hidden in a smile the you the why
It is safe..
It is the safest place...
It is the safest place it knows in which too hide and cry.

This world of both i know
my dreams, you dream.
They are gone off there into
one blue horizon.

At sea, ' I could love one sky,
and the waves moving the boat
the moon as it drifts bye.
And when I have longed to reach

Diabetes no problem.
Heart disease no problem.
Lungs, kidneys,
broken bones no problem.

You open my arms, so wide
coming home, pruning as you do
the pace of the sun, keeps up with you.
I even in my new found youth

James McLain Biography

Dedicated to my daughter Caroline. Being from Tampa Florida, and I know now that all of you can. I am James McLain, whom writes under the Pseudonym of is it poetry For my daughter Caroline and like some of you and being tall and true it is such. The tree a bush, and all those other lovely southern words, we each and each is us, we make and still of thought we use and think when making sufferance to the other. Thus each being we meet, each day and my/your could this be and day and day not the dark it is not. Will you confess to a crime you did not do? Two life sentences and thirty year's all running consecutive. With my release date then being the ninty ninth day of the ninty ninth month, nine thousand nine hundred ninty ninth year. Case Number: 90-14869 It is sad that I had to, to keep from being raped in prison and like most whom are tortured will of course say anything to make the pain stop. I am a progressive red neck, lovely are such people the other's, that sadly have not. I enjoy creating poetry and writing on everything about you, I have learned through the fire, what one can. I used to like trying to write the law, but a few of the laws concerning myself have changed so often that as those same laws helped create such panic and fear, my head trauma are thus in hearts of family in part, that I will not make mention of small lives irretrievably broken, then obviously; so then, it can not be a law. Laws are meant to protect the vulnerable not destroy, it is that my unlearned opinion. When of that it was written to cause such wide spread presumption of fear, when it never appeared, then it's your mind they have numbed, and theirs is not yours it is then off and again of. Thus It concerns you the U.S. we the all. Kick them out, you can vote, I dislike cowards whom hide behind others to get what they want. Applied force under any pretense is simple coercion to obtain one's an end, breaking U.S. down for their profits made thus is immoral to U.S. aren't we all? Under any application when one person knows and the other one doesn't. When wrong is to you done they think right. That when discerned by the wise is the law of the land. Wasted mind's that could do, now can not. Verily when once, I liked speaking on many subjects, subjectively, such as politics and real life experiences including the horrors I've seen that have happened to myself and others. I will try to speak of things most are afraid to and may even loose their job. Forensic psychiatrists can be paid to say whatever you want. Life to me seems like one long experiment, although the ocean helps the journey, as I love to swim and explore the sea life, catch & eat most often, is yours a saw cutting interesting? I feel the arts are important and history. What little I know I have taught myself through Moore books that my friend and his wife bought hoping that I. Editing and punctuation can sometimes be my weak points, depending on how you read it, I just lovenly love to, just because I must and some like her understand this because you write as well, deep as it is that you find you are and I know you now Grace is lined flowing as rivers of ink even deeper. The sciences are more than Steven Hawkins...isn't he then more than star dust and still is likend to U.S. that he is. Forever being less than one thought more of when beings facing the sea, faced the stars. If some of what I say makes your ears burn, do not run away, and know that I know you still are, and can't even try turning away, smile. Though if words like the tree hides the moon when love and green the bush…concealed in white clouds…causes you harm, you may need to seek out the professional, country council woman with a PhD. If you think I have traumatized you, be aware that I have no civil rights, which obviously means…To those who think people are just numbers…057512…If you have not figured out your own issues, go in peace. Otherwise, do not hold me back, please pray. I am still Ameri-Can. I would beg your pardon, and try and try and try. What is it like to vote…Do you take it for granted? What is it like to have civil rights, being out for twenty years and still can not vote for what's right. I used to lie when I was younger, I even stole. I stole a lot, I angered their hearts they all saw. It is so much simpler now, not having to and yes, to enjoy the surroundings wherever I go. Perhaps in the end it's all that we have, credibility, when lost, then found. If you wish to help me, the more I can help others. If you think something may sound better, I'm open to suggestion, just give me a call if you can. I am still that Ameri-Can like you though now lost. Is the American dream just a fantasy? One must keep in their head until it becomes your reality? Are not all things possible to all. Gather me up unto you, If you are close, closer still I will come and in coming you called out my name. I am James.)

The Best Poem Of James McLain

She Is Afraid, He Is Tired..

She is he,
and he is She.
The two,
now lost, loves heart.
And bright,
the yellow sun.

You once we're two,
as one,
and ran around the world.
Inside both heads.

He fell inside loves fire.
And she,
his red heart pumping burned

Both fires,
burned ice cold hot.
Within Her,
light did give us form.

Over shadows love,
swept out black coals.

Your smile, twin lips.
He kissed, both miss.

His face, from that.
Bright coals, still hiss.

Now alone again,
he walks into.

loving great full moon.

James McLain Comments

This Is Not A Poem 07 September 2011

You are amazing. I thank you for existing. I live in a glass house and am unable to write the truth as you do. One day... :)

78 31 Reply
Inner Whispers 04 September 2011

hmn...top 49 poet....an honor i had a chance to be read by you....salute to you!

74 30 Reply
Liyo Denorte 13 May 2010

now it dawns on me, u have the boldness and spontaneity of Kerouac i salute u for that

62 8 Reply

excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

33 28 Reply
Chris Leermakers 22 April 2013

Great Poems All Round. And Thankyou For Your Positive Feedback On My Poetry. Cheers, Chris.

35 24 Reply
Kumarmani Mahakul 19 April 2020

James McLain is a multi-talented and internationally famed poet of English literature who writes poems in various topics like love and life, society, nature and beauty and perception and philosophy. I know him and I have read his nice poems and reviewed these. I am completely astonished finding high essence and values within his poems. His perseverance is of high standard. He is continuously writing beautiful poems. He closely feels the dreams and realizes the truth.

2 0 Reply
Kumarmani Mahakul 19 April 2020

I wish James McLain all the best. May God bring unlimited happiness and fortune for him. BEST WISHES FROM: : : poet Kumarmani Mahakul #368 on top 500 poets of the world (As per the World Poetry Database Information, the rank on date 19 April 2020) (Today's Rank)

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Pam Taylor 03 October 2019

Tampa Heights Hospital was its name. You used to write poems for me to set my guitar music to. I am sooo sorry about what Rippy did to you...to all of us, actually...but us girls were left alone at least.....breaks my heart for you

4 0 Reply
Pam Taylor 03 October 2019

Tampa Heights Hospital. I believe I remember you...we were actually close friends. You used to write lyrics for my songs at the hospital.

4 0 Reply
Pam Taylor 03 October 2019

James...I don't know if you remember me, but I was in the hospital with you under Rippy. I had long blonde hair and played the guitar. I was institutionalized for almost three years....Age 13,14,15.5. at St. Elizabeth's, then Riverwalk which became another name I can't remember. I'm 60 now.

3 0 Reply

James McLain Quotes

Half of something is better than all of nothing.

When love becomes enduring then people will know peace.

A rose is not a rose until it bloom's.

Hot wood, filled with moisture can be bent, to the needs of the people.

Writing and never reading is the same as talking and never listening.

Writing and never reading is the same as talking and never listening.

He whom graces our each soul with word's discerned in grace has knowledge found.

An opinion is not poetry Poetry reflects the opinion of all.

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James McLain Popularity

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