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Water Allergy - Poem by ally gunther

And to think that the whole bridge I built
Over the water it's called a moat
Well you can't cross-
No not by boat,
No you can't cross to peace.

There's so much here I've got for you-
And yet there's something holding you,
And part of you loves its' touch
Yeah sometimes it is too much

But why water?
Why water?
Of all the allergies to have?
Why water?
Why water?
Why's it gotta be so bad?

And I'll send out an arrow-
Delivered straight by Cupid
And I'll prove just how far I can shoot
And you'll send back a message
In a golden plated carriage
And it'll say:
'Know how much I love you.'

But goddamn it why the essence of life?
Of beauty, happiness,
And love?
And you'll snatch two out of three-
Not held back too much by your water allergy.
But the third it will linger within the murky depths-
Mocking and rearing,
It's beautiful and ugly head.

And I'll try not to cry-
Cause you're allergic to that too
But know that it's something
I really need to do
Got to be a rock
The best darn rock you've ever seen
And when you're almost dying
I'll reveal your hidden sheen
Because I know it's there-
Even if you can't see it
I'll get a mirror and through glassy eyes
You'll see it

But don't worry
Not in any type of hurry
As long as you don't leave me to myself
Because I really couldn't stand it
Yeah I wouldn't recommend it…

Well if you did that I'd drown
And I would make sure I didn't come around
Just do not go
That's all I ask
And don't drink the tempting
Poison flask
I know it's sitting there
But you've never been stronger
Never fought harder than you are right now

And I'll add something-
Fix up a potion
Anything at all that will help
But looking at the ripple now
The effect it has
I'm wishing
And wondering why
You're not drowning
And we won't be crowning
A new king anytime soon
I think you've seen the blue of the moon.

Something, anything
What CAN be done?
When every molecule in you
Is yearning for something?
It's already got
And the rest is just out of reach
How do you still see-
The beauty of the beach?

And the bridge will never break
And of that I'll be sure
Because I built it with so much of the essence of care
Just so you know I'm sitting
And I stare

And the bridge will forever be there
So that one day
When there's nothing
Holding you back
And there's nothing
That you think you lack
It'll still be here
And I'll be waiting
And my safe warm arms are yours for the taking.
A fairytale ending at last
So you'll finally forget the past.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I wrote this for the person I love- they are my inspiration for this <3

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