Jim Meyerholtz

Rookie (5/22/1955)

Waves - Poem by Jim Meyerholtz

The waves come and never stop.
They crash endlessly against the rock,
To return to were they began,
only to return again.

The waves lap over the rocks,
The path they try to block.

Again the waves come, to try to stay,
Again the rocks turn it away.

After time in the eye of man,
The mighty rock is but sand.

The water is weak and of little form.
Tell this to the rock, badly worn.

Strength of now, as to time.
Which is the best to find.

Rock is firm, water weak.
Strength of now, time defeat.

Balance of time and of action,
The need of each, in a fraction.

One to stand, one to flow.
Each with purpose, a way to go.

Being all of one,
Is all of none.

Some of each in a part
Makes a whole, from the start.

The waves crash, the stone crumble.
Life runs only to stumble.

The wave come only to return,
The stone lives, than to earth's center burn.

Time is all that can be strong,
Or is there a greater right or wrong.

Time is a thing of man,
To be tossed and undone, like the sand,

The waves on the rock.
The tick of the clock.

Which is better? Which is best?
Which will go? Which will rest?

The rock give away to time,
Time give away without a sign.

This thing on which man bases his life,
Makes man lose sight.

Man be rock, man be wave.
Man to crumble, time to save.

Time to wave, time to rock,
Time only 'end' can block.

End itself is an act of time,
Only to be more defined.

Again as before all is the same.
End, Begin, Mad, Sane

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