Wedding Ode Poem by Vaibhav Simha

Wedding Ode

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Let the bride dress up in glee
And let the bridegroom smile free.
May the cupids dance in eye-catching sneer,
Hope their arrows strike their hearts near!

Oh! Rise thy heads for their hearted kiss,
Pray, they don't have their chance miss...
And throw thy roses, lotus and bouquets,
Appears so, let they fly in the sky born race.

Let the rose fly with the petal wings
And let the lotus swim with the petal fins.
Bow to angel cherub with the harp he plays,
Touch our hearts in many melodious ways.

Blesser, the God, shower thy blessings to the new coupled rose
Wave thy mighty hand over their heads with a mighty pose;
Let they ascend the seven steps, let they full fill their vows,
He shall release their sails, in tragedy, let themselves row.

People! Wish their relation bond to be eternal strong
And let they do not leave their hand even in a throng.
We wish thee, a new life ahead
So lives thee, so lives this!

Saturday, May 6, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: celebration
danielllll 14 March 2022

i agree

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Valsa George 29 April 2020

Beautiful poem....! But I must also say that your enthusiasm to make it rhyming has reduced a little of its natural flow....! At a time when marriage is not given much sanctity, this exhortation to greet the couple and wish to make the marriage a contract of lasting duration has great relevance. Please take care of the word 'full fill' (fulfill) . An Ode has to begin with an address.... (a suggestion as you can go from good to perfect!)

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goshua 14 March 2022

i agree

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Vaibhav Simha 29 April 2020

I never thought that this poem that I composed in my 6th grade would garner your appreciation. Surely, the mistakes will be rectified, and, to be honest, I didn't know what an ode was then. Thanks a lot.

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Vaibhav Simha 29 April 2020

I never thought that this poem I had composed in my 6th would garner appreciation from you. Surely, the mistakes here will be rectified. Also, to be honest, I didn't know what an ode is at that time. Thanks for the comment.

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