Fun With The World Poem by Vaibhav Simha

Fun With The World

I had always wondered if bliss lay somewhere beyond,
For I'm desperate to form with it an everlasting bond.
Is it in being pleasureless or in being pandered?
So this was the question before an answer thundered!

Now I see the welkin and earth as canvas vast.
Before I change it, bid its visage a farewell, fast!
Armed with jocund colours, I shall make sun blue:
Be armed to see this world made anew!

If death be cause of sorrow, let I vanquish it
And arrange for all the perpetual populace to fit!
So shall I burn material wealth, the mother of all spite,
And institute within all hearts, a love-born might.

The water shall now flow upward, so shall health:
People will now treasure above all, this wealth.
If time impedes me, bombarded with regrets shall it be;
For I shall try attain all the ostensible bliss I see.

Yet by doing all this, if bliss still remains unreached,
Then the only solution is its meaning to be breached.
In this world where nothing is defined and concrete,
Let I be the one who shall make victory out of defeat!

Sunday, December 8, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: wisdom
The poem has an intrinsic and implicit yet chasmic meaning that questions attainment of bliss. The narrator, in the beginning, asks God (or a deific power) for an answer pertaining to bliss' attainment. The importuned in turn endows upon the narrator the prowess to change the world in whatever way he wishes so that it may lead the narrator to bliss. The poem is to be received according to the interpretation of the reader alone.

In the end, the narrator's pace towards bliss is shrouded in mystery, but he redresses the ambiguity concerning the method of approach by giving logical reasoning that he will change the meaning of bliss itself if at all it remains untouched even by such staunch power.
Bri Edwards 07 January 2020

1 - Pleasureless and pandered seem to be extreme opposites! ! ! " wealth" =? " nothing is defined and concrete, " ...some things in MY world ARE defined and/or " concrete" , concrete for example!

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Valsa George 30 April 2020

When I see below a series of Comments by our poet friend, Bri Edwards, I miss him and wonder where he is hiding.....! Nothing is heard of recent days.

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Valsa George 30 April 2020

Here I see a seeker of bliss who tries first to understand what bliss really is! He comes to the conclusion that neither material wealth nor longevity of life guarantees bliss. The word 'bliss' is an ambiguous term. In the end he realizes that it is elusive. So the only way of achieving it is by turning every defeat into victory, if it is possible. Here I find the maturity of thought and style that far exceeds that of a teenager.

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Bri Edwards 07 January 2020

4 - My earlier reference to " Is it in being pleasureless or in being pandered? " was because i wondered who might find " bliss" by being " pleasureless" . I suppose some might, but NOT ME. Besides, as i've mentioned another time, " bliss" is just TOO MUCH HAPPINESS for people to desire/deserve. Bri :)

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Bri Edwards 07 January 2020

3 – AND MORE... THE idea of having " Fun" with the world [perhaps 'playing God'] appeals to me. Maybe people would start bowing down to me; so far all have refused to do THAT!

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Bri Edwards 07 January 2020

2 – " Let I be the one who shall make victory out of defeat! " i'd use " me" , not " I" . The idea of turning 'defeat' to 'victory', or some similar idea is not new, and i like the concept. I'll not read the Poet's Notes at this time. bri :)

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