We're Just Passers-By Poem by Tina Rizk

We're Just Passers-By

My love,

Life will always say its words
But my heart would say the final world
Life may show me paths at the horizon
But my soul would trust only the path
That leads me to your heart, my love

Life's sky may not be blue all the time
But as long as we're together
It matters less if it rains or the sun shines
Life will try to impede our progress
But we will face the odds with
Love, will and tenderness

Life is always smooth when
Two hearts beat as one
We're just passers-by
Our final dwelling is the sun

When life is weary
Within each other's heart we'll be comfy
Regardless the realm we are
Together we'll stay, we'll never part

Copyright ©️ Tina Rizk

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