Western (For The Girl I Love) Poem by Patrick O'Reilly

Western (For The Girl I Love)

Rating: 5.0

Thursday morning, sweep the dawn in
You're over the fields of Saskatchewan.
I miss you like a city, like a long-lost limb.

And when you come home again
We will lie in the gutter, staring up at the stars.
I will pull you closer than a shut door
To keep you warm.
And I'll hum a lull-a-bye.
Everyman is king out west.

Is this true?
I've never been, though I told you different once.
I've heard whispered stories from neighbours
About streets paved with gold.
Don't let it dazzle you.

I can't put you in a mansion.
I can only give you this song.

Eden Sheffroth 29 March 2006

WOW! Pat you are really good! ! I was really impressed by all your stuff but this poem has to be my favorite. It is so sad and so touching /i cant even describe it. She is some lucky girl to have a guy like u writing such beautiful things about her! Im gonna try setting something up so you can see my stuff too but I don't think it can compare to yours. Keep up the writing! Eden

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C-murder McMurder 15 March 2006

Great poem pat. You love that girl some lot.

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