In Came The Dawn Poem by Patrick O'Reilly

In Came The Dawn

Rating: 4.5

The sun came up without permission
To make me wonder which day it was.
The razor sunrise rips into my red eyes,
And I shut them fast and tight

Another night of standing vigilante
Over the sullen city street
In a bedroom window
Arms across the moulding in triumph over the dark
Curtains cast far aside,
Drained coffeecups littered with the laundry
Paper snowballs with three hour's futile produce
Cornered in with the other cobwebs

Insomnia, that old ghost, promises
Today will be a beautiful night

Meghan - 27 July 2006

'today will be a beautiful night' I love this line! Great poem. Meghan

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Patricia Gale 12 July 2006

Splendid work, sounds so familair, the sleepless nights.

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Séamus Fox 10 July 2006

Patrick this is superb mate. Keep writing like this and your going places I wish I could have wrote this way when I was your age. Dont stop harness the language you are brilliant with words. Seamus

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I really liked it pat! get some sleep ~_~ k?

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Goldy Locks 28 June 2006

nice! last couplet. capped off the imagery for me. Sus

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