What Could Have Been Forgotten - Poem by RIC BASTASA

what you have
is not forbidden

a white porcelain cup placed on
top of a glazed saucer

the jasmine tea that
you sip slowly
as light fades away

the decent decorum of
well numbered

they never taste
that good

they are what others
are used to do
without so much thinking

it is the everyday
routine that
has taken away what
makes life
so alive & interesting
like some games that
we recently know
and begin to play

mornings are same

nights even with
all the stars
remain boring

the air tastes bland
its coldness is getting to
be scary

there is something
to what is forbidden

that is what we yet
do not know

others who regret
all those that they did
for once and for more
broke their hearts into pieces

when they sit beside
the window
watching cars passing
one by one
watching people
en masse
busy going and
like the ticking of the
hands of the clock

they will not tell
that despite the
despite the still uncollected

the excitement
of what was forbidden and which
they did with so much

still reclaims upon
the untold
the climax of a series
of existences
which time buries
so deeply in the dust bins of
personal histories

so that they
can all be

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, September 2, 2012

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