Bowen Butt

What Do We Do To Stop Hate? - Poem by Bowen Butt

light is light,
dark is dark,
day is day,
night is night,

when light comes dark goes,
when light goes dark comes,
when day falls night rises,
when day rises night falls,

love comes and love goes,
love can break,
love can grow,
love can blossom,
just like as hate is driven from love,
as hate can also come,
it can also go,
hate can also be forgiven,
hate can also grow,
and hate can certainly blossom,

what can we do?
can we honestly stop hate,
I know I'll try my best to,
But can you honestly stop yourself from hating?
when deep inside you are actually hating?

Let me ask this...
if hate is in-front of you now,
as an object,
what would you do?
would you destroy it?
would you beat it?

imagine it was a human,
would you destroy it?
would you beat it?
would you wipe it away from this world we know as earth?
because if you did,
you would be the breed of another chain of hate,

but if you didn't stop hate,
then hate would grow,
so how do you stop it?
can hate really be a non stopping thing,
that's option is to keep growing?

what would you do,
to stop something like this?
i mean,
yes you can take away the variable to hate,
but then what is the root cause of hate,
greed? well then humans made greed,
so can humans be the cause of hate?
so to remove hate you must first greed,
to remove greed is to remove humans,
but with out humans there would not be love.

what do you do to stop hate?

Poet's Notes about The Poem

it is just something that came up in my head,
while thinking what a teacher tried to pin me for something i didnt have any memory of doing, this poem is to show what i think of it,

its taking a big step in just saying if you didnt humans wasnt here then this wouldnt have happened then right? but then you wouldnt be here!

please tell me what yous think ^^

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 20, 2012

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