What Is Dalit Literature? Do You Know It? Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

What Is Dalit Literature? Do You Know It?

What is Dalit literature?
Do you know it,
Can you say it?

What is Dalit literature,
How the things of it,
Who are but the Dalits?

Why did they over the years,
Why did they remain it,
How had it been their conditions?

Were they not men
And for why
Were they not men?

How is their condition now,
Has the situation changed it,
Has the perception, has the mentality?

Dalit literature,
Dalit literature is of the Dalits,
The Dalits only.

Those who were exploited,
Tortured, treated in an inhuman way,
Suppressed and oppressed.

I wonder, wonder,
How obsolete, how inhuman
Were they, were they!

How was it their thinking,
How their mindset,
How their standpoint!

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