What Is Dalit Literature? Do You Know? Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

What Is Dalit Literature? Do You Know?

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What is Dalit literature?
The literature dealing with the Dalits,
The Dalit people,
Their life and culture,
Dalit Dalit,
Downtrodden, fallen and living
Below the poverty line
Under impoverished circumstances.

Dalit is Dalit, what it lies marginalized,
Suppressed and oppressed,
Exploited and used,
Dalit, Dalit literature
Of the Dalits, by the Dalits, for the Dalits,
Not of the non-Dalits
And even if they are, they are for taking benefits,
But political Dalits I shall not support
Nor shall I side with the Brahmins,
But all are not bad, mind it.

Dalit history, art and culture, let them,
Come you not in between,
Let them, let them write their own history,
Let them, let them tell their own culture,
Come you not for doing doctorates on
Dalit stoics to make a name and fame,
Let them, let them their own matters,
Their biography, autobiography, narrative,
Song, lyric and dramas.

Kumarmani Mahakul 02 June 2020

You have brilliantly expressed about Dalit art. history, culture and social status. Yes, they should write their own narrative and history. They should have rights and freedom. Their literature should have a special place in life. This poem is very amazingly penned.

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