Cee Bea

What Is It - Poem by Cee Bea

What is it that matters
as I look about
Im buried in oceans
of self fueling doubt

Nothing seems right
the world is askew
we judge from a kneejerk
of fanatical view

the abuse's of the power
our destruction at hand
when amendments and rights
don't fit in the plan

Call it witch hunting
or a new inquisition
Hail the boys at the helm
Hail the 'Kings of attrition'

a Nation of wars
fueled by the greed
of those whom have all
pursuing their need

Of Power by proxy
in a power full game
while others look on
do I alone feel the shame

Once the dream of the few
to keep equal the masses
Now ruled by elite
and laws for the class's

who have tangled the promise
while they mangled and maimed
rule by PR
then turning the blame

The press has no ethics
another view bought
I guess we don't care
as much as I thought

Oh say can you see
by the dawns early light
today we are less
at the hand of the right.

But I can not stop there
the left's let us down
another group owned
by the lobby in town

But you......
I can see, you'll help make it right
by expressing concerns
in letter's you'll write

By registering, voting
understanding the need
you're the decider
and Im willing to plead

Topic(s) of this poem: politics

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Poem Submitted: Friday, March 6, 2015

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