Sad Poems: 475 / 500

Louisiana Crying

this morning I awoke with that
ache... that feels like Louisiana crying.

the meter exempt from time
spoke to cobwebs and stained glass,
I felt old, and they understood
within and without, that
sad songs play to
a packed studio of shadows.

'the dust always gathers'

Its a lot like that.

Saturday, November 1, 2014
Sad Poems: 475 / 500
Topic(s) of this poem: muse
Patricia Grantham 09 April 2015

A sad and moving poem. Cries goes out for stability. Good.

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Michelle Claus 09 April 2015

a deep mood, very glad to read this poem

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John Richter 09 April 2015

Line breaks are punctuation in poetry, Luis. And frankly, poetry is art. It has no boundaries nor lines to color within. I think that what you mean to say is that you desire more punctuation in your own art work. Which is cool.. But this poem is beautiful in its very unique way. I'm wondering if you were able to get past the things you feel are structural framework flaws enough to find the absolute beauty in this poem? I mean, 'like Louisiana crying....' Did that line touch you in any way? Mark Twain once said 'It is a gratification to me that I do not understand art..... Because people who do understand art find nothing but blemishes in pictures...'

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Ceak Owner 09 April 2015

nice beautiful poem thNK FOR SHring

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Howard Mcdougal 01 November 2014

Powerful use of images thanks for sharing

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