Ryan McNicholas

What Is It Good For? - Poem by Ryan McNicholas

War, where do I start?
The thought of it gives me the bitter taste of tart,
What dream does it fulfill?
Except the fact that all it can do is kill.

Soldiers telling kids to just stay calm,
As he holds an AK-47 in his palm,
Worrying about your loved one at war, crying in your bed,
Visualizing a rifle bullet zooming passed their head.

Now they say freedom isn’t free,
But loving one another as equal is the key,
The bombings need to cease,
So we can stop for once, and enjoy the sweet sound of peace.

I met a woman once, who lost her husband in war,
And when she heard the news, she broke down and fell to the floor,
She remembered looking to the sky, wondering why,
And she regrets not being able to kiss him goodbye,
That she clinched her fists, and her blood began to boil,
Because she lost the man of her dreams over barrels of oil,
Yet she says she is recovering, oh so slow,
Because there will never be someone else, and how she loved him so.

With people, there are no “different”, we are all one human race,
We put down one another, force tears streaming down each other’s face,
Now stop the shouting and the gunfire,
George Bush, this war isn’t on terrorism, it’s for oil making you a liar.

Yet, what can we do? You’re a lousy president,
We can obviously tell by how much money and lives that have been spent,
Because in the distance, a person is taking their last breathe,
Because war solves nothing, it only brings you death.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, October 10, 2008

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