What Is The Greatest Poem In The World? Poem by Denis Martindale

What Is The Greatest Poem In The World?

The greatest poem in the world, who knows what it could be?
Upon a scroll, unrolled, unfurled, that tells of Calvary?
Or ancient psalm, professing love, for God and God alone?
Saint Paul found grace more than enough, are his words widely known?
Does Solomon have words to share, recited to this day?
Does Shakespeare stand beyond compare, through words he could relay?

Can Man's translations prove sublime, with every meaning caught?
Expressing truths, transcending time, once captured in each thought?
Are poets of today called best, through their words, or their lines?
Has anyone passed every test that God Himself defines?
Or is it only God who wrote the best words for Mankind?
The Holy Spirit taking note, and keeping Christ in mind?

Or is some Christian poet now composing what proves best?
To preach amazing grace somehow, that means the world gets blessed?
I only know, the words I penned, the legacy I leave,
Have been to me a faithful friend, the best I could receive.
I cannot read a million more my fellow poets share,
Yet what I wrote, I still explore, with thanks to God in prayer.

Denis Martindale, the 22nd of May 2023.

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What Is The Greatest Poem In The World?
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