What Is Your Attraction To Me? Poem by Marcquiese Burrell

What Is Your Attraction To Me?

All up in my ear, Saying that you want us to talk
When I think it's best we, not talk at all
Saying that you wanna be mines
Saying that you like me to call
Must have a reason
What you got in mind?
Must be around that time of season
Don't think the message got through your thick skull
Tell me, What's got you so enthralled?
It must be the liqour
It must be the drugs
You getting started
Uh, you gets it started
What is your attraction to me? I'd like to know.
Convinced yourself that we would be, Here's something I do know
Obviously you're wanting me, My standards aren't low
You've never found a boy who could love you right
But, this is one of them ones you would never like
Get over... yourself, Get over.... yourself
Get out of my face, and, find someone else
Why you so confused, Then made it clear to you
You steady wasting your time
got all fired up, with your bottle in your cigerette
Then brought down your high and now you've gotten upset
What is your attraction to me?
You're working hard as a full-time hater
Ain't seeing no dollars, what, boss ain't pay ya?
Grappling with pain, self-induced depression
You outta hope, Still holding onto your obsession
Telling the universe, How much you missed me
We weren't there, why you tripping?
Nothing but a pest
I'm the exterminator
A solution to the problem
About to terminate ya

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