heavenlyhippie stoddard

What Matters

Why all the killing, Why all the Fight,
Why don’t we listen, Why can’t we get it right.
Your words they are simple, it is in Black and white,
To love one another with all of our might.
Why are we selfish, Why is this ingrained,
Why do we have to fight with our own lil selfish ways.
We are our own enemies, we should be our best friends,
Why do most not get it til their life has neared the end.

We should love one another with all of our might,
but all we do is hurt one another. And all we do is fight.
Why don’t we listen to your precious voice,
You love us enough to give us the choice.
But constantly, we are choosing to go the other way,
people are miserable, when we should all be gay.
We should all be happy living in this life
you have given us the chance to Love one another, To be brothers sisters, husbands, and wives.
We just want to blow it we just throw it all away
for some crazy possession that will not matter some day.
We treat one another worse than we do our cars
we treat our cars better, we’d rather go to bars
than spend time with our families and children they are only small for so long
and then we are in that same bar years later, singing a Sad lonely song.
About how we missed out on there all their precious lives,
About, how we blew it, and how you lost your wife,
And every body is singing right along,
just don’t realize their life is that same lonely song.
Instead of tipping that new bottle and pretending to have alot fun
maybe you should put it down and go home and see your son.

Why don’t we get in life before its too late
everyone on their death bed, that is when they start to pray,
that is when they start to realize what Is so important in life,
is not tipping that bottle, or pulling overtime, it is being a good Mother, Husband, Brother, Sister, Friend, and Wife
Some they just get it, others a moment to late, others have that second chance
Some will try to make it others do the same things time and time again.

But if we only listened to the first time that we heard,
that lil voice in our head, and in our hearts, and in the bible, that we new was your word.
There would not be any shame, there would not be regret,
We all hold are heads up to each and everyone that we ever met.

We would not ever have a past to haunt us,
but I thank you Lord for all your Mercy and Letting me climb aboard.
I Know I am not perfect never said that I ever was but I will not ever forsake you,
I will try to follow your word,
I will spend my life doing everything I can, to try help others understand,
How you have given me the chance, and how I love to hold your hand.
I will try to help them not to do the same that I’ve done
to skip all of that and just to receive your son.

Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 5, 2008

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