What Part Of Piss Off You Racist Karen Brits And Gammons Don't You Pillocks Understand? Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

What Part Of Piss Off You Racist Karen Brits And Gammons Don't You Pillocks Understand?

By Stanley Collymore

And for those of you that quite
obviously maintain the rather
feigned notion that Meghan
doesn't come or go to the UK principally
because she actually knows, she's very
disliked; and therefore will accordingly
be, by your sort, simply openly booed;
ask yourselves, this obviously, clearly
put logical question, if you've got the
actually needed minimal brain power
required to do so! Additionally, what
intelligent person and, undoubtedly,
of whom, Meghan is quite certainly
among that number, very decidedly
and voluntarily or basically, happily
goes to someplace, where actually
they obviously know, that rarely for
justifiable reasons, but specifically
though, for obviously unjustifiable,
and undoubtedly rather prejudicial
ones, they're evidently not wanted;
obviously have no reason logically
to be there either; and very literally
on their part quite clearly wouldn't
be seen dead there; yet simply, for
all that, distinctly, still goes ahead
and fatuously visits such a place?

Braindead Britons and their quite
likeminded convict and actually
genocidal kin literally infesting
other peoples undoubtedly indigenous
countries crucially quite evidently with
their unquestionably literally distinctly
and discernibly, effectively thoroughly
and generally corrosive presence, like
for example in their generally, fittingly,
and naturally delusional, Terra nullius,
Australia; New Zealand; crucially also
Canada and the USA while arrogantly
baying like the jackals they inevitably
are for an all-white Europe and rather
clearly so a pristine white Caucasian
Britain; most laughably, something it
has never effectively evidently been!

Yearningly, such discernibly fatuous
clowns might with their irrefutably
thoroughly empty lives generally
do such things, as actually going where
they're crucially not wanted, but clearly
no one with even the merest modicum
of commonsense or clear self esteem
would actually contemplate, engaging
in such undoubtedly pointless actions
and most discernibly, not someone as
irrefutably so obviously self-confident,
hugely literate and essentially actually
liberated, unquestionably, as Meghan!
Now does that generally satisfactorily
answer your question and crucially as
well kill-off your countless and simply
malevolent speculations, distinctively
so, regarding Meghan and her family?

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
14 May 2024.

Author's Remarks:
Another Barbadian saying: obsessively or frequently recurrently people only actually talk about those they either phenomenally respect or are infernally jealous of; but, in essence, in their state of denial obviously can't bring themselves to acknowledge let alone accept the latter.

Which category are you in where Meghan and Harry are concerned? Lol! Simply eat your hearts out, you utterly sick and really pathetic haters with no real lives your own; because you wouldn't know how to constitute such a thing!

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