What To Share? Poem by Atef Ayadi

What To Share?

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our local universe is governed
by three stars,
two small and growing in size, they are both sun's size stars with multiple magnetic eruptions effects.
the third is of the size of regui star, no wonder reaganomics was a big deal for some smartese, yet ugly liberals (ugliness is about the thinking and mind set for example.)
africa is still a cloud made of gas, organics, metallic rivers, radio active lagoons and french lounges, savage of savages stuff that no knows, comprehends and there for need to get enlightened and or follow 12 steps natural heart therapy.
north pole and south pole are bank holdings
some places looks like jupiter and uranis wresling or fighting for some leftovers.
other places called satellites are torches by the white red, and blue stars they orbit.
alber einstein one day said: 'the truth is always on the building and making. dispite a bluff can take the size of jupiter, neptune, or uranus, but the truth is like a star, the sun is one of them.
this is the dynamics of things. now magnetism is
for another session specialized in connecting, wiring, and tightening the nuts that need to be firmly tightened, fused, cemented, lime panted, fired at, cooled off, ... many things, or
simply i would say something like:
i do not fight for peanuts, sardines, white flowers and roses. i just do not!
bay buy for now.

What To Share?
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