What Would Amos Say? Poem by Adrian Wait

What Would Amos Say?

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The rural prophet was greeted with cheers when he began his discourse thus:

“This is what Justice demands:
For three acts of treachery, even four, the Banks will face outrage
Greed will consume their senses; avarice will cloud their judgement,
The sleeping giant of public anger will consume the Banks,
Their Ivory Towers will collapse at their feet
Their castles will be foreclosed.
Their guilt was treachery, broken trust, greed and last
But not least the silent axe at the root of their empires… being wise in their own eyes”.

And the crowd exploded with roars of agreement… the media never leads, but follows public opinion.

“This is what Trust witnesses:
For their acts of betrayal, even corruption, Politicians will destroy
trust in democracy, by their greed and rampant selfishness
Feeds into a nation devoid of community awareness,
A nation seduced by celebrity and fame
Corruption, word and deed exposed for consumers
Judgement and cynicism increase sales
No lie can last forever, or cease to be a lie on Peerage.

And the crowd erupts with rehearsed indigence… congratulating
moral superiority not two threads above corruption.

“This is what Truth Exposes:
For their acts of indifference and conformity
English church of the indifferent mind
Status is worshiped, conformity honoured
Objective in indifference…they look the other way
Disengaged they preach at the Trapped
If they preach at all it is not the Holy Word
Lipservice addicted to circle of peers
Investment for greed, £40 million lost
Denies justice to the oppressed
The poor are with us always
Lacking… Justice, Dignity and Truth
Where is the Voice of the Voiceless?
Who keeps a record of the weak?

… the rest is silence.

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