Whatever The Weather Poem by Adrian Wait

Whatever The Weather

Rating: 4.5

Whatever the weather
They’ll tether the weather
Whether we like it or not
Spinning tales of global warming
Hidden in facts hard to deny
Hand in hand they invite us in
Duplicity helps… I cannot lie
Still the clouds reveal the tool
Punching holes in the ionosphere
Searching for unlimited fuel
Cannibals that show no fear
Tesla’s work in the hands of fools
Reckless in their thirst for power
The earth slows down, presently
The weather changes by the hour
Floods, Cyclones, Earthquakes
On scales never before seen
Intensified search for power
Shakes the earth on its axis
Experiments pierce the sky
Deaths Angel plays this Haarp
Slicing through the ionosphere
Disrupting nature yet unknown
Cause and affect the code ignored
Blundering on the woodpecker
Removes, disturbs, unbalances
Waves rise, Earth plates twisted
Unleashed power, brings devastation
Distracted, whilst they weave
Consequences of the deadly games
Hidden in full sight, beneath our skies
Masked in tales of global warming
Conspiracy theories hide their lies
Lust for power will cost the earth
Flight of fancy or of fear
We’ll know tomorrow,
Tomorrows here…

Whatever the weather
They’ll tether the weather
Whether we like it, or not.

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