caitlyn harris

What You Are Doing - Poem by caitlyn harris

I thought you loved me, but I guess not
You left me alone and distraught
I still love you, just you see
I'll be hoping someday you'll return to me
I've had quite a bash
I only wish you'd let it last
Oh, I just wish you could see
what you are doing to me
I'll never forget the times we have had
but when I think of them I'll be sad
I really loved you, but I guess it couldn't last
Our love extinguished very fast
And because you left me I slice my wrist
you clouded my judgment and lead me into your mist
Love you or hate you, I'm not sure
But just know, I want happiness not war
I just love you, I can't explain
if only you'd still see me the same
Please tell me what is going on through your head
you said you loved me, but now its dead
I thought you knew how much love I had for you there
but apparently you just don't care
I guess I've been wasting all of my time
and that is why I I'm writing this sad little rhyme
why must you tease me with all of your games?
Is it me or you who should be to blame?
You're tearing me apart from inside to out
And I just take it without a holler or shout
Please just tell me what I did
You opened my heart and threw out the lid
Why do I still love you when you treat me so bad?
You're causing me to go insane and mad
I say I hate you, but then all of my love
comes rising to the surface, up above
Why, Oh why did you play with me like this?
Why did you act like you loved me, if all you wanted to do was dismiss?
Why did you have to steal my heart
If all you did was break and tear it apart?
I know I'm not the best girl you could get
but you told me the opposite, do you forget?
I really enjoy the time we have spent
But you returned my heart, broken and bent
Because of you my blood leaks
Now, do you think I'm just a freak?
If you've ever loved me speak, now speak
I hear silence, not a sound
I guess you never really wanted me around

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, May 12, 2011

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