When I Am Old Poem by Orbiam Simon

When I Am Old

Good health seems to be a gift
And a blessing for old age
When one enjoy his labor
As gray hair covers his body

When is am old
I will reside in my prefer village
And have animal farms
Watch them run scattered as they multiply
And gather them back
I will have my grand children
Call them together as stories and riddles gives sweet melodies
And they listen
While my childhood be remembered
As I watch them play

When I am old
I'll love to teach my grandies
And other children about the nature
Discover their gifts and talents
I'll teach them greatness
For it's about helping others grow
Seeing them with wisdom and pure heart
I will get me closer to God
Wait for my dying day
When I am old.

Orbiam Simon

Orbiam Simon

Benue state of nigeria
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