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It's time to flow
The time to fall
The period to pass prime
When deciduous loose their green pages

We ought to be patriotic
We all obliged to be one
Despite our different tunes
We all pledged to unites

Like a baby
Who missed his mother
For her return consoles him

My addition
Breathes through my veins
I've become the man with liquid vision
Everything slips by me

Mother Earth
Mother Earth
So good you are
Patient you are to us

The skies are blue
When the sun descends
The trees are green
And the birds dwells on

My soul's bleeding
And heart almost melted
The spirit is shedding tears
And eyes are seeing too much

Today is a new day
Though it's without sun
Like a shadow it's gathered in the cloud
Cutting through my heart like a claw

I will show you how to hunt
And not to be hunted
I will show you how to fish
You wouldn't beg for one

Good health seems to be a gift
And a blessing for old age
When one enjoy his labor
As gray hair covers his body

Eyes are closed
Ears are dimed
The mind is slowing deep in the sleep
The soul still awake

A slave has fallen in a well
For he was sent at night
A slave has been eaten by wolves
For he was out for firewood

The school opens at 7: 30 am and closes at 2: 00 pm
Hmmm such a long time waiting
Well, the teacher's nice
Friendly and jovial all pupils enjoy learning


Stand still
Shot your sight
See through your mind
Meditate all through your past

Greatness begins from birth
and the blessings by grace,
the dark days might come
but a light at the end

A throne has been built
by the poor of this land
in one accord they uplifted one
as a head

Every day's sound
gets the weaker mind stronger
and the stronger mind glade
like the sun shines on the earth


It flows like a river
Which flood many kinds
It conceives confusion
Though all are always aware

When a calabash is broken
Who will mend it?
When a light is covered with a bucket
How will it eliminate the darkness?

When the evening comes
Everyone get moody
But only the stars in the sky
Can tell of my kind

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The Naked Trees (Autumn)

It's time to flow
The time to fall
The period to pass prime
When deciduous loose their green pages
The annual of receding
A season to decline

An hour of wave is here
When greenery depreciates
As yeender breathes ice
The night smokes dust
The trees looks worried
For their naked moment is here

A fig is looking nude
It's figure seems budding
The flower savored
Though is refreshment
The leaves speak dried
From Green to brown fly high

The frugivous aves sing joyfully
Though hide no more
For the plight of trees has gripped
Their beauty
It swing away their pride shades
The AUTUMN is Ross
Indeed n-a-t-u-r-a-l.

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Until you allow life to pass through you, you will never understand life.

Those who help for God seek for nothing, but those who seek for something doesn't help for nothing

As living creatures we must all die, and it is by dying we might still live

Don't break down simply because you have been broken up, but rather make up because you have broken through.

For every challenges there is changes, for every difficulties there are easy cutting ways, and for any situation there is a solution.

The only and best way to keep a secret is keeping your secret to yourself.

Life is a race, sometimes you can be one step ahead of your opponent, sometimes one step behind your opponent, but it's not all about who finished first, it's about who finished well.

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