When I'm Here Poem by C. K. Young

When I'm Here

I want to kiss you
But it wouldn't be fair
Cause for months on end
I won't be there
If our lips touched
I would be leading you on
Why progress our love
When we know I'll be gone
I only come back
Every few months or so
I stay for a few weeks
It hurts when I have to go
Leaving everyone
Everyone that I love
Especially you, my dear
You're the one I'm always thinking of
And when I'm here
While I'm away
We plan these dates
But something always gets in the way
And when I'm here
All alone
The pain cuts deep
Down to the bone
Should I kiss you?
I really don't know
I know that I want to
But doing so, would bring us woe
But I long to hold you
Grab you by the hips
Caress your beautiful face
And taste your supple lips
I want to dance with you
And just stare into your eyes
See your stunning smile
And getting butterflies
I want to kiss
More than you know
Wanting what I can't have
Fills me with woe

Saturday, April 29, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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