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Why you raped my best friend I don't know
Just for her looks? Are you really that shallow?
But what you don't know is that I'll hunt you down
I'll torture you and in your own blood you'll drown...

Once Again

'First the worst'
They say...
'Second the best'
So cliche...

Why I Don'T Smile

The reason I don't smile
Is not what it may seem
And its not because
My teeth don't gleam...


Sorry, I despise that word
The belief that it can fix anything is just absurd...
I don't want an apology, I want revenge
Forgiveness to you, I will not lend...

Solemn Nightmare

A dark nightmare haunts me to this day
The only colors in it are red, black, and grey
In the middle lays a wooden casket
And a lone light descends upon it

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