When Sad And Sombre (Dark Daughter) Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

When Sad And Sombre (Dark Daughter)

When sad and sombre,
I turn to you, Dark Daughter,
When pensive and grief-laden!

I turn to you,
Turn to you, Dark Daughter!

In this dark world,
Dark you,
Dark is Kali,
The myths of Creation.

In this world
So full with the myths of darkness,
Dark you, dark your affection, sympathy!

Dark, dark,
A dark girl
But so full of affection, sympathy,
So close with bonding.

Dark Daughter, as you are,
Your affection and sympathy
So the myth and mystery of Creation
And man in his worldly pursuits
Unmindful of.

But who knows what,
Who feels what
Laid bare of,
Dismantling it on the way of life?

Dark Daughter,
Are you the same whom
I see you as figurines
Decorating the outer panels
Of terracotta temples?

Under heat and dust,
Sun and shower,
Light and darkness,
Starry twinkles,
You decorating, decorating the panels
Mysteriously, so mythically.

Dark Daughter,
Dark is Kali,
Dark you,
Darker our relationship!

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