Lori Triggs

Rookie (May 2 1967 / Middlesex General Hospital In New Brunswick)

When The Love Is Gone - Poem by Lori Triggs

When The Love Is Gone
Lori Triggs
Larsen M. Callirhoe
Copyrighted August 14,2009

How do we look back
when yesterday is all we had.
The dreams we shared.
The smiles we had.
Now it is all gone.

For awhile love is all we could do
Everything is now! For the moment;
Everything is now and me
centered around the worldly things,
For awhile our love was strong
But what is right became so wrong.

Something happened along the way
and yesterday is all we shared
Daylight has come and gone,
You just don't care, you saved your best
for yourself when we were dating besides engaged.

I did not found another guy
that dances on the clouds with me.

Don't be so brave
my old friend
We used to shared ourselves,
had a few miscarriages with
forced abortions because of you.

Love was like chasing the miles
like the starlight does travel
thru empty space,
You were out chasing the clouds away
The rain came down on us,
Don't you remember how the stars
used to sing and dance for us.

But that was so long ago
Holding hands with your heart,
Now our love only sheds tears with pain
Now it seems all I use to do is look at a old
pictures of the way it used to be.

Sentimental fools
we used to share a dance or two,
That was so long ago
Now we are getting old and grey.

We look back
and what did we really share,
A past that is no more
It is just a reflection,
That bounces forever into eternity.

Like a match that burns out
so was the flame of our relationship.

We both have moved on
and are we happily in love
with our new companions,
Our new lovers are suffice
Because I do not have a guy so far.

What we shared was
something beautiful,
something special
something so bad,
something so painful.

But now
After The Love Is Gone
I agreed with myself,
I have moved on.

Time is short
so I toast a glass soda
to you my old friend
for no one can destroy
the memories
we once shared
but only you.

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