Lori Triggs

Rookie (May 2 1967 / Middlesex General Hospital In New Brunswick)

Lori Triggs Poems

1. Trip In Hotel 2/24/2006
2. Brother The Class Clown! 5/9/2006
3. The Water Ways 6/15/2007
4. Thanksgiving Cheers 11/29/2008
5. My Merry Christmas Wish 1/6/2009
6. Nature Fairytales 2/26/2009
7. Green Home 3/21/2009
8. Political Game 4/10/2009
9. Nature's Sellout 8/26/2009
10. Everlasting Earth 9/2/2009
11. Thanksgiving Holiday Harvest 11/7/2009
12. Climate Change 11/22/2009
13. Love Lorn 7/16/2010
14. Gulf Aftermath 8/16/2010
15. Gulf Aftermath 2 8/25/2010
16. America Is A Tattered Flag 7/21/2007
17. Chris Cross 11/9/2007
18. Thanksgiving Why We Give Thanks 11/22/2007
19. Majestic Weather 7/31/2008
20. The Man Living Two Lives 10/14/2008
21. Life Of Sturgeweber Syndrome (Seizures) Patient 10/22/2009
22. Florida The Sunshine State 8/12/2009
23. When The Love Is Gone 8/14/2009
24. Green Planet 7/18/2008
25. Autumn Sunrise 11/13/2008
26. Education A Lost Cause 2/20/2010
27. Christmas Dreams 12/22/2009
28. Blooming Pleasures 3/21/2006
29. Two Sided Love 9/24/2009
Best Poem of Lori Triggs

Two Sided Love

Two Sided Love
By Lori Triggs
Copyrighted 24 2009

Women think with their hearts,
men think with their Johnson.

Women think with their heads,
men think with the wrong head, they have two heads.

Women give love with men,
men give screwing with women.

Women want to touch men,
men want to get abusive to women.

Women want be emotional with men,
men want to be unemotional with women.

Women want have physical attraction with men,
men want to give the abusive apart to women.

Women want sex with men,
men want to ...

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Green Planet

Green Planet
By Lori Triggs
Copyrighted July 17 2008

At one time our planet was colorful as lush with plants even flowers
And towering trees beautiful I can see,
The planet was filled with animals even birds more species that was plentiful
While the mammals and fish filled the oceans even waters majestic,
The oceans with lakes even rivers as the waters where aqua or

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