Where Are You Now Poem by Holly Jamestone

Where Are You Now

It was bad news in what was
An otherwise boring weekend while
My morning tea kettle was boiling and
The traitor phone was buzzing

As your sister called from a busy E.R.
To tell me that your heart had broken
But not in the traditional sense
And you lay on your back under the bright lights

I never knew you to be breakable
In any context and you were always my
Bouncy, brilliant best friend with the brown eyes
That lit up the room

Eyes which the doctors are now calling blank
As though you are now blind to all around you
Living in a world of black we do not understand
In no way bruised yet in no way present

Machines are now the engine running your motor
As we are enroute to be with you my one last time
Trying to be brave and appearing not to notice the bronze
Dried blood around your I.V. baggy

In a black world of blank eyes
Where no one is offering hope or
Making any bold predictions
Please whisper to me if you can

Where Are You Now?

©2013 All Rights Reserved

Holly Jamestone

Holly Jamestone

Denver, CO U.S.A.
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