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Dance in the rain
With clouds at your heels
Rosebuds refreshed
The calming one feels

Though I believe in God
I feel so all alone
The one thing that eludes me
Is a man to call my own

We knew she’d leave us in the Spring
That it was day-to-day
With family near and Angels close
She gently sailed away

Now that you are 40
I am here to let you know
That life begins from this day on
It's now your time to grow

Sift the hours lovingly
Through colanders of times gone by
Slowly savor memories
Even those that make you cry

Blend several hours of caring
Through times of joy and strife
Fold in mounds of patience
Through each day of your life

Roses are red and
Though violets are not
Your candle-lined cake
The one that I bought

A Box of Love holds special thoughts
Known only to its giver
It's lined with hope, with promise
And the dreams it will deliver

I believe in angels
That they follow us around
Shrouding us in cloaks of warmth
That keep us safe and sound

Nothing is more painful than lost love
It blindsides you and weeps into your cells as
Its takes you to an involuntary place
And sweeps pieces of you into a corner

What is LOVE?
No need to ponder the answer
When you simply know by the way
Love becomes the companion to your heart

Three Generations
One softly, lovingly observing the Other Two
The little one with eyelashes longer than imaginable
And eyes as large and blue as the ocean

She was lifeless in her satin crate that final day
Looking beautiful considering the circumstances
Always one to help lessen the blow
Gram's mission in life was to comfort or amuse us

Broken life stretches like cold taffy
Before shattering onto the concrete floor
Resilient, I, picking up the pieces as though
No rain falls on my head

Though spoonfed prayers by nuns and priests
Both she and I were “We”
My Best Friend since the Second Grade
With so much World to see

Roses are the thorns on my hands
During times of pain or ridicule
Violets were borrowing my older
Sister’s purple lipstick without asking

The toilet seat may remain up or down
It doesn't matter either way
The dishwasher may be full or empty
And the dishes may nap in the sink for awhile

Popcorn clouds whisper at the horizon
Before diving into the waves as daylight wanes
New lemon meringue clouds glisten in the distance
As the sun kissed waves smack the shore in glee

A friend is an angel
To see and to touch
To guide us, to hold us
To Love us that much

I sang a song for you today
I'm sure you must have heard
A Melody of Wellness
With hugs in every word

The Best Poem Of Holly Jamestone

Dance In The Rain

Dance in the rain
With clouds at your heels
Rosebuds refreshed
The calming one feels

Life is the present
There's no need to wait
Throw back the shutters
And unlock the gate

Dance in the rain
As it cleanses the sky
No tears on sun's cheeks
And no need to cry

Life is what's happening
Through clouds or gray
Sunshine or snowflakes
They're all nature's way

Dance in the rain
It's all part of life
Let hope, your umbrella
Guide you through strife

Dance in the rain
And when clouds tend to loom
Welcome their darkness
Into the room

Life is for living
Through storms, joy and pain
Always remember to

©2012 All Rights Reserved

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