Thawee Angel Lee

Where Is Justice? - Poem by Thawee Angel Lee

Where is Justice?

I was place into this dark cell
That was make with steel and stone
It was as cold as ice with no gentle breeze
Only I know the pain I suffered inside

I searched my memories, replayed my life story
I was no harm to my society
Only if justice exist fairly
I wouldn't be place here
But in a paradise of my destiny

I drifted away with the night with my salty tears
Dreaming of a beautiful landscape
Walking around the lake with my beautiful family
Only to realized that it's morning already

When the sun light ripped my eyes opened
I hear the similar footstep
I turned my head around
To see two guards standing outside my cell

Within a moment of flashing
I was sitting in the court room
Listening to the lawyers questioning the witnesses
I turned to my family of three
I smile even my heart if frowning

The trial is not fair, everything is rigged
The whole justice system is truly jigged
Because of my color and economic status
The judge reads the verdict, in just one breath
I was found guilty and sentenced to death

I feel my heart dropped
Dropped as low as I feel no heart beat
I see my wife cried in sorrow
My kids cried in miserable

I now sit and wait here on the death row
Knowing that after tomorrow
I will not get to see my kids grow old
I won't be able to be there as part of their life

As much as I want to avoid the dreadful night
I felt my hope died out slowly inside of me
Seeing my family's faces
Feeling the love that my wife and I shared
Making me feel this hot tears flow down my cheeks
Only if this justice exist equally

My life ended with three shots
I took my last breath with the image of my wife's lovely smile
With the sound of my child calling my name
With my mother and father's warm love

Months later, my case was re-open
I was then found innocent
Their mistake for taken away my life
Oh, this cruelty of the land

I could've been there to watch my kids grow
To see my beautiful grandchildren
To shared my strong love with my lovely wife ‘til we grow old
Oh, this inhumanity of the justice

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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