“which One Of These Phrases Hurts You So Much? ” Poem by Damn Angel

“which One Of These Phrases Hurts You So Much? ”

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“Which one of these phrases hurts you so much? ”

“When you open your eyes on a reality you don’t wanna see”
“When you wish to turn back the good time and you know it’s over”
“When you remember precious person and you know he or she is gone”
“When you find out there is no one around, just you”
“When you stand in a front of mirror and you don’t recognizing your self”
“When you scream in all the power you’ve got and no one hear you”
“When you fell that you are oppressed and you can’t help your self”
“When you start to give up something’s you need it, in the name of ‘love’ “
“When you have to change some of your principles so you can live”
“When you have to do something you don’t want, but you forced”
“When you put the most beautiful things under your feet’s so you can reach the top”
“When you shake a hand in warm way and you know it’s maculate and bloody”
“When you bow to the humiliation storm so it can’t pluck you out of the place that you hanging on to stay in it”
“When you fell that life forcing you to stay with people you don’t want them”
“When you close your eyes on a beautiful dream and woke up on a painful illusion”
“When you see your best friend getting pain and you kept silent”
“When you worry about feeling that you are aggrieve a close friend”
“When you find your self that you are started to give up your dreams one by one”
“When you laugh in a loud voice so you can low your cry one”
“When you wear a happiness mask so you can hide the sadness features on your face”
“When you feel that you are responsible for a someone misery”

Little Hatila ;) 01 October 2008

what hurts me most is when i laugh in a loud in order no body feel that i cry inside... well done...we all went through most of these statements in our daily life... i give 10 keep going

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Mehmet YILMAZLAR 20 September 2008

ofcourse; stay with people i don’t want them

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Anna jonson 20 August 2008

i think all of them does... nice poem.. you can imagine all the things while reading them..

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Serenity Prayer 12 August 2008

all of them do. it seems like when i was reading those questions, i could think of a time when stuff like that happened to me or my friends...i hope that makes sence. lol.

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