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my favourate thing to do is reading, writing novels and sometimes something like poems or whatever you name it feel free to send me your opinions critics, i'll be delighted to hear from you....i'm a high school student and quite a hopeful person about future i believe my future would be bright as yours all. wish me luck and i'll wish my luck for every humanbeing who lay a pen on a paper and write something right from their heart..coz it's heart that always matters...

Anna Jonson Poems

Life Is Love, And Love Is Life

life is life, however it would go
love is love, no matter what would occur
love is growing more with every hearts beat
feelings of my heart could never change

Was It Real Or I Was Dreaming?

when i was listening to my heart's beating
i woke up by a knock on the door
my heart stopped; i felt afraid
i wondered, i asked: who's that?


I'm not denying how guilty i am
but i'm not trying to hide my fear for that
i would never feel the way i feel right now
please don't try to treat me as i did

Life Is Great

life is great if you think about it
if you'll let me i'm going to talk about it
then you find out you can't live without it
if you going to die you're going to miss it

The Story From Our Own Hearts

The story from our own hearts
Eyes of love, why do you stare at me?
Why do you stare at my wept eyes?
Didn’t you say you won’t come back? Or you’ve come to see my wept eyes?

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justine 02 January 2020


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p.a. noushad 01 October 2009

your poems have great redemptive powers

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Blessing Nanier 02 August 2009

annie i luz u and ur poems very much i feel like ur m sister. keep writing ur truelly talented ur the best

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Saeid Hadavand 20 April 2009

I can't see any Guilty in these poems, And I agree with this: life is great. I think I can proove this: life is love, and love is life. And our real story is The story from our own hearts But we always think was it real or i was dreaming?

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Always About love 12 September 2008

wow. i love all your poems.. you get right to the point and say the right things.. keep writing... you're good.

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