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You are the moon in the sky
and i am a far away star from you
you can give me light and make me bright
but i have nothing to offer you

let me write to you a love poem
then i will make you its hero
i just wanna know when can i write it
coz when i am with you

let the tears coming down from our eyes

Let me be the one who will be there for you
Let me be the one who you see the world through her eyes
Let me wake you every morning and telling you
I am glad that you are in my life

I wanna know why life is so cruel to me
When I was in the happiest moment in my life
U were there to make my moment brighter
When I was sad

I am sitting here till you will be here by my side making love with me under the stars
Thinking of our old days, when we were deeply in love but so out of touch

i give our self this chance...

Tomorrow is mystery
No body knows what is going to happen

i know i don't deserve it...

I hate myself when someone wanna run away from me
I think I have done something wrong for making them to do so

Today I missed you so much
I did not know what to do

i don't know why
your love went away
your kindness changed to cruelty
your laughter changed to sadness

I used to think that i am yours and you are mine
Nothing in this world can do us apart till the end of time

But now I realize that there is nothing between me and you

i'm not gonna make you my friend by pressure
coz i don't want to
but I'm gonna make you sure
that i want you coz i need you

If I had one wish
It would be me, losing myself in your beautiful eyes
If I had one dream
It would be me falling asleep in your arms

i still remember when you looked at me in the special way
i can remind my self when you tried to tell me 'i love you'
i understand finally you made up your mind by not telling me the truth
i think you thought it would be a strange love if you told me

After all these time
I am standing here right by your side
After all these pain you caused me
After all these tears you made me shed

Everything you have taught me
Everything you showed me
Everything you tried to provide for me
Everything you have proved to me

I wanna write but what can I do when all I can write is about you
I am tired of writing without seeing you
I am tired of myself, of every thing in this life
Life is beautiful when you are in it

I count your foot steps till you get home
Waiting for your presence here with me

I miss you from the moment you walk out the door

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For My Lovely Father...

how was i supposed to know that you walk away from me that simple.i thought i will not see you for awhile not for the rest of my life. you were in my arms before that if i knew i would hold you tight and kiss you for one last time...but i did not know, if i knew things would be more different than it is now...
i miss you daddy, you are always in my heart....

December 15,2008

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p.a. noushad 01 October 2009

your poems stain the beauty of realities

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Blessing Nanier 02 August 2009

ur truelly a great poet. i pray i become like u some day

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she is a fantastic lady, fantastic friend.. which makes for a fantastic poet

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Fatima Sweet 18 March 2009

Little Sunshine puts all her heart into her poetry, all her feelings pour out and stand out in every written word... Heart poet I name you... Faitma

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Anna jonson 05 August 2008

i like you i love you

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