Whispers Of Childhood Poem by Vinaya Joseph

Whispers Of Childhood

In fields where daisies gently sway,
Children laugh and chase the day,
Their giggles float on summer air,
Innocence beyond compare.

Tiny hands that grasp and seek,
The world's wonders, mild and meek,
Eyes alight with dreams untold,
Hearts of purest, brightest gold.

They build their castles in the sand,
Kingdoms vast by tiny hand,
Each grain a treasure, every find,
A map of worlds within their mind.

Beneath the canopy of trees,
They weave their tales with utmost ease,
Knights and dragons, queens and kings,
Imaginary realms with wings.

In puddles splash, in mud they play,
Their laughter lights the cloudiest day,
No burden yet upon their brow,
Only the magic of the now.

As twilight whispers them to sleep,
Stars above their secrets keep,
Dreams of joy and endless flight,
Fill their hearts throughout the night.

Oh, to see the world so bright,
Through eyes unclouded, pure delight,
To be a child, so free, so wild,
A fleeting time, a tender smile.

In every game, in every song,
The spirit of youth carries on,
A fleeting glimpse, a briefest stay,
Innocence that leads the way.

Vinaya Joseph

Vinaya Joseph

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
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