Whispers To The Night Sky Poem by Luna Skye

Whispers To The Night Sky

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I whispered to the stars about you,
How your smile shimmers like morning dew,
How your laughter sings through the night,
Like a symphony, full of delight.

I whispered to the stars of your grace,
How you glide with such fluid pace,
How your eyes glisten like the sea,
And your voice, so serene and free.

I whispered to the stars of your heart,
How it beats with kindness, a work of art,
How it gives and loves with all its might,
A beacon of hope, a source of light.

And as I gazed up at the sky,
With its canvas of darkness, stars up high,
I felt a sense of peace and calm,
As if your beauty had healed my soul with balm.

Let the stars bear witness to my plight,
As I dream of you, all through the night,
For in your kindness, I find a ray of light,
Guiding me through darkness, towards what's right.

Whispers To The Night Sky
Friday, April 28, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: longing,star,light,blind love
'Whispers of admiration to the stars, a love letter to the beauty that shines from afar.'
Bri Edwards 30 May 2023

As a VERB, plight has been used in marriage ceremonies: 'Plight one's troth Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster 3 days ago: to promise to marry someone' AND we KNOW a marriage can be good or bad. : )

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Luna Skye 07 June 2023

Noted! Thanks very much, I will definitely consider your comments👍

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Bri Edwards 30 May 2023

Last stanza: plight: 'noun a condition, state, or situation, especially an unfavorable or unfortunate one: to find oneself in a sorry plight.' I tend to think of pllight as somthing unpleasant, but it's a rather inexact word to use.

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Bri Edwards 30 May 2023

Well, I like the Poet's Notes-poem. LIne 8: I'd use 'of' between 'And' and 'your'. 5 stars. nice rhyming. This poem reminds me of your bio.here.

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