White House In Coligny Poem by Marlon Khoza

White House In Coligny

Rating: 5.0

They built a house
Painted it white just the way they are
And named it the 'white house of hope'
Spew now, mother!
Over it and their whiteness
spare no time,
just puke in a painful shock,
and garrote your womb to the grave.
Where the lifeless heart of your son
Is engraved,
and no brick, big or small lay solid
or costly glittering all sorts of wall units furnished
by the Coligny racists
would bring solace to your wounded bosom
Faki is lifeless
They have murdered him
Barf now!
At the so-called 'WHITE HOUSE' bequeathed
to you
It's a pure insult to Faki
an affront to Scotland masses
Faki deserve justice
not a tin house
That hovers a timeless ghost of a racism
Perpetuated by Terriblanch and the rest
You deserve justice, mama.
And entire Scotland too deserves justice
Not only for the slain Faki
But to all the boys who never made it to their evening meal,
To their classrooms
and to their playgrounds
Who just disappeared like the winging dust
Whizzing between the sunflower and maize producing Coligny
and the corrugated shacks of Scotland.
They built it with their white teeth
And fake smiles that snipe and spat straight into your eyes
To hide the shames of Coligny
To pamper the endless wailings they brought
To you and to all the black mothers
whose children have been swallowed by the sunflower field
What hope?
Puke, now!

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