Who Is Kctony: My Profile Poem by Kctony Xtopher Nkwocha

Who Is Kctony: My Profile

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Who Am I? I ask?
Who is Nkwocha Anthony Kelechi?
The explanation, I will accomplish like task.
My birth is the grace of God; amarachi
That, begins the story of Vincent’s son
The joy of his mother Lizzy
A pride for Dominic, as a grandson
true offspring Obibiezena, an effizzy.
Owerri-North, Imo state, Nigeria, Africa
Key names to his location and origin
Though, to him race and colour do not matter
Just try ascertaining your true aborigin.

A writer with a pen-name; nom de plume
I present Kctony X. Nkwocha…
Writing, to him, breaks shackles of gloom
He prefers its company than playing cha-cha
Authored some sociopsychoreligiuos contributions
Written over five scores of works of poetry
Innovative and creative literalist with no inhibitions
Internationally reputed for his works’ savory.
A studying and budding Psychologist,
Who does nothing but in research feast.
Aims for the apogee- psychologically professing
Dispelling darkness and make light of understanding.

I love love’s loving lure
Close to my family and friends- angers’ cure.
Politely praying for peoples progress
And never from my faith digress
Imploring cousins and siblings to do same
They should, as Deborah and Joy after me came
Sucked same nipples’ source
And all of us in one family’s recourse.

Other names- Dabirichukwu, Obinna,
Chimereze- family givings sweeter than vanilla
Am humble, just want to be a profile builder
for y’all to know me more and better.

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