Kctony Xtopher Nkwocha Poems

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Wonder Age

Teenage age, what an age!
Where maturity broods in the twenties.
A swimmable ocean of difficulties
but, deletion of secrecy icon leads to assuage.

A Lass

A sweet heart
having eyes glittering like diamonds.
A face that look like the sun.
I am unable to behold the beam

Beautiful; Our World

Looking across the horizon
befuddlement cuddles me
beautiful celestial landscape
that swallows the skyline in royalty

Absence Of Lecture Noise

Deafening vocals hit my ear.
I can get nothing, still conversations abound there.
Though there exist classes,
but, I take 'em all as phrasses.


Flower is of beauty
scented in essesnce,
scuried for, by hands
knowing its prominence

Sunny Schoolmarm

Great heroine of my faculty.
Esteem, hold I you, my damsel.
You are a siren to masculinity
possessing larynx of soprano,

Dogs Play (An Option For Man)

It is better to be like dogs
you don’t think so huh.
‘Cos dogs are unrefined
related to elicit sexuality

Disarmed Nigeria

While a blessed nation
robs itself of ammunition
weapons of the new century
develop science and technology.

A Scar On The Moon

Not only the Ozone depletes
The sun’s vigor energizes
The earth delineates-
Discomfort and turmoil for its inhabitants

Being Lonely

A heart in jumbles
seeking ways to realse its bubbles.
It tuggles amidst struggles
to be free from shack shackles.

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