A Lass Poem by Kctony Xtopher Nkwocha

A Lass

A sweet heart
having eyes glittering like diamonds.
A face that look like the sun.
I am unable to behold the beam
when you smile, it’s like showing
a mirror to the sun
making desperateness
my tool to having more.
I strive to hear your Angelic bell- like voice
that creates ardor in me.
Your gorgeous hair is not incomparable
to the fleece of a lamb; soft like water.
As you walk, there’s command of-
attention! All eyes! Eyes pop- out
to watch you do, what only you know-
best to do- piki- cha, piki- cha; cat- like
as if, you are walking on a straight rope.
Your lips look like a purple apple
so succulent, whose peck
is a trip fare to heaven, feel like
being conveyed to worship He that made you
implore him, to make you, a pretty pride my bride.
Glories to him for such a lass.

Bella Stylos 14 August 2011

very vain, yet craved

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Omar Ibrahim 05 November 2009

you can't behold her smile! ! that's because of the light it produces from her face that looks like the shining sun! .....O! how fair! !

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Davency Leroy 19 July 2006

Sweet, poetic, romantic!

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