Who Is My Relative? Poem by MBJ Pancras

Who Is My Relative?

I was born to a woman, and she said I have father,
Yea, I was born unto them, who said they were my parents.
It was taught to me that in me a Biological gene was created;
Further, it is ‘blood relationship' it was said.
They said I had siblings, and we grew together.
(Did my mother and father have ‘blood relationship"?)

My father's siblings had ‘blood relationship' among them,
And I was told they are my ‘relatives'.
My mother's siblings had ‘blood relationship' among them,
And they are my ‘relatives' too I was told.
(Is there ‘blood relationship' between me those ‘relatives'?)

My parents had ‘distant relatives' I was told.
(How did ‘they' become ‘distant relatives', I don't know.
Is there ‘blood relationship' between me and those ‘distant relatives'?)

I was told I had my parents' parents,
And they said they are my ‘grand parents'.
Do I have ‘blood relationship' with them?

I grew with my siblings;
Our parents fed us together;
Together we grew till we had to part.
My siblings had distinct spouses,
And they were bound with their ‘new relationships'.
Our parents were in the same bond.
(Do I have ‘blood relationship' with my siblings' spouses?)

Children were born to my siblings with their spouses,
And they grew distinctly in distinct colours.
I found a spouse for me and we had a child.
They say: my child has ‘blood relationship' with us'.
Do I have ‘blood relationship' with my spouse?

The world says: "There's ‘blood relationships'
Betwixt my child and my siblings' children"
(What relationship is termed between my child and my siblings' spouses?)
They would say: "Cousins, nieces, nephews, uncles and aunts".

My siblings' children grew, and my child's children grew,
All in distinct corners with varied colours.

Seldom had we met for we were stuck in our personal issues,
And all the ‘families' had ‘breakthroughs' on their way,
For time is absent to us even for an occasional gathering.
(Who speaks of ‘blood relationships?)

There are newcomers as ‘friends' revolving around the broken families,
Time is never sufficient for their frequent meetings;
But time is absent for the siblings' gatherings.
Now where has gone ‘blood relationships'?

We speak of siblings' ‘relationships from distant corners,
And it all happens to mention a formal note.
People prefer wealthy proposals of marriage,
And it happens outside ‘blood relationships'.
But some prefer ‘blood relationships' to retain their wealth;
If at all wealth rules their ‘families'.

"Where are my parents, Where are my siblings,
When we all found new tracks to live on earth?
There are new meetings with the fellow-beings,
But we all conduct meetings with a formal note.
Might be a few who would speak for us,
And there would be born ‘benevolence relationship'.

I am left on road with a bowl in my hands,
I saw no one around me, but hectic rollers,
Each one has a bowl in ‘its' hands.
I looked for my ‘blood relationships', but in vain,
Where are my ‘blood relationships'?

A coin dropped into my bowl; a tingling sound;
I raised my head; it was a sibling of mine.
He had no meaning upon me,
For my rags hid his eyes of luxury.

I walked a few miles, and was awakened by a soul.
He lifted me and took me his home.
He changed my ‘self' and took off rags from me.
He blessed me; sent me forth,
I took my steps and moved on.

My mind worked on: "Who is he? "
I turned back towards him, but found none.
So I walked forth with his blessings.
"Is he my ‘blood relationship? "
No, he is my RELATIVE."

All died one day, and all flesh decayed,
There is no ‘blood relationship' beneath the grave.
My soul liveth, and I have found my RELATIVE.
Yea, he is my RELATIVE.

Saturday, May 23, 2020
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MBJ Pancras

MBJ Pancras

Chennai Tamil Nadu India
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