Alvin Parkinson

Who Knock’s On My Door

Poem by Alvin Parkinson

Taps of claps my bell rings from outside
From my shelter who can it be and when and why
Is it pestilence and infestation coming for unwell ness for I
It has to be it feels so dybbuk and harmful trying to rob what’s mine

Ding dong Ding-dong I run down to see who is it no one there to quick
Or is it some silly kids playing ding-dong ditch
No not children they blind the eyes of these beings who disturb me so
Too virtuous for the sights of these detestable rats and toads

Knocks of the taps from the hand is reprehensible
And a contemptible syndrome that is invincible
Morning and night noon and evening the knocks are ceaseless
I watch T.V., read books, and write hoping for cease ness

“SHUT UP SHUT UP” I say but it bangs repetitively
I run with swiftness but they move back recessively
I’m confine with irksomeness in my sensory fervent
I must discover a way to prohibit and prevent

These sounds these sounds that calls out sorrow
From yesterday, to today, and along with days of tomorrow
Excessive knocking now my home is starting to shake
Few more of those knocks and my home will break

I’m petrified to open the door cause it could lead to disaster
Or a bird in the sky waiting for me as a prey like a raptor
I’m going nuts and wild running up and down on my house floor
Thinking and trying to find out who is knocking on my door

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, July 10, 2005

Poem Edited: Saturday, May 15, 2010