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Alvin Parkinson Poems

1. The Assignment That Proved Onerous 8/31/2005
2. A Want Worth A Want 9/13/2005
3. But Only Not You 9/13/2005
4. The Devil That Came My Way 7/10/2005
5. Who Knock’s On My Door 7/10/2005
6. What Kill’s A Man With Power 7/10/2005
7. The Jubilee Of My Deadly Trilogy 7/10/2005
8. I Love You My Lord 7/10/2005
9. Happy Mother’s Day 7/10/2005
10. A Water That Flows Forever 7/10/2005
11. Angel 7/10/2005
12. So Many Tears 7/10/2005
13. This World 7/10/2005
14. The Bells From Hell 7/12/2005
15. Lyrics That Flows Like The River 8/26/2005
16. My Mom 7/10/2005

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My Mom

Your love is like over extreme to me
Even when I’m mad I’m happy around you no matter what the situation could be
You told me God will always be on my Side when the times are good or bad
You try your best to comfort me when I’m sad
You take care of me when I’m sick
I have No more nightmares when u give me a goodnight Kiss
You thought me what’s wrong and what's right
That’s why you’re a big blessing in my life

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I Love You My Lord

O lord of hosts lord of the prophets Elijah, Moses, and Nathan
Thy God that consistently delivers me from the hands of Satan
Hallow is your garment and virtuous is your face
God of love and peace and wonders is your grace

God that doesn’t worry about tomorrow cause tomorrow can handle its own
The unrighteous even knows that thy savior can dismantle their bones
And cast them into the fields where the pigs and dogs form a stampede
And crushes what ever that’s on the ground with no sympath

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