Alvin Parkinson Poems

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My Mom

Your love is like over extreme to me

Even when I’m mad I’m happy around you no matter what the situation could be

Lyrics That Flows Like The River

Scentless water allay to thou of thy compunction
Rhymes so fluid but a nomadic river when in function
From neophyte training to intense extreme succinct poetry
Rhythms to bars so remissive, you can call it floetry

The Assignment That Proved Onerous

A tyrant that is omnipotent, a power it is
With ominous threatening acts don’t thou with brute have opprobrious ways
Omniscient to the knowledge of sinful omnivorous seekers, in these ravage days
Occlude the laws of just, so thou who art obtuse can’t learn it

A Want Worth A Want

A trail, in the hail
Petition is to prevail, for the fail
Hope to bring the best, in my success
And excel, through the nefarious nails

But Only Not You

There’s one who is in my class who sits in the middle of the class
Who is as fair as your skin, but still is consider black
She is as quiet as your are, but as noisy with companies around
She moves her feet as you do; she moves it up and down

The Devil That Came My Way

Walking and jogging on the crucial road
With atrocious beings like snake, rats, and scare crows
Mockery and hypocrisy their tongues eject
But nothing contrive me more then what was about to come next

Who Knock’s On My Door

Taps of claps my bell rings from outside
From my shelter who can it be and when and why
Is it pestilence and infestation coming for unwell ness for I
It has to be it feels so dybbuk and harmful trying to rob what’s mine

What Kill’s A Man With Power

Gather a powerful man’s share in his bucket until it’s full
He still stands there as if he never received one copper
He stands there expecting for you to just pull
More copper in is bucket making it look improper

The Jubilee Of My Deadly Trilogy

From the depths of hell where their chronicles is place for facts
If you step in the cell expect no humane from the three packs
One desiccates the soil with rapture so it can ablate its own burden
The other ablates the riches and gold from others and put it on its own curtain

I Love You My Lord

O lord of hosts lord of the prophets Elijah, Moses, and Nathan
Thy God that consistently delivers me from the hands of Satan
Hallow is your garment and virtuous is your face
God of love and peace and wonders is your grace